Your guide to baking essentials

Your guide to baking essentials

Pastry brush

Don’t under estimate these pastry brushes because it will make your life easier in applying the right amount of butter and oils to prevent your cakes and cookies from sticking to the pan. The best part is you can use these brush in decorating too.

Digital weighing scale

Now that are already in the advance technology era, it would be best to buy the digital once. Because they are easier to use and more accurate. Remember that weighing scales are necessary to make sure that you have the right amount of ingredients specially if you are trying recipes online.


If you are using regular spoons or other mixing materials, you’ll find it difficult to blend the ingredients. Most of the time the sides are the hardest to mix, spatulas can mix those sides with ease.

Measuring spoons

These are great tools if you are creating something that has multiple flavors. This ensures that you have right amount vanilla, cinnamon, salt, and other spices you can add in your baking. Avoid errors in adding spices by having these simple tools in handy.

Food mixer

Buy durable food mixer so you could use it for a long time instead of settling down for the cheaper once. Food mixer saves you time and effort. Baking will require you to mix ingredients well otherwise you might have lumpy cakes which we hate. Instead of mixing it manually, invest in a quality food mixer. It will worth every penny.

Baking tins with different shapes

We prefer to buy the non-stick ones. Silicone bake ware can do the job but can produce blackish sides. Probably because the thickness of silicone bake wares is not preferable for some baking recipes. Buy different shapes so you can produce interesting sweets that your kids will surely love.

Cooling rack

Cooling rack allows proper ventilation to your baked sweets. It affects the quality of the texture afterwards.

Baking Sheets

If you are planning to bake cookies then you must have a quality baking sheet. Buy heavy duty aluminum instead of the copper ones. The thickness of baking sheets contributes to proper heat absorption which affects the chewiness and tenderness of our cookies.

Offset Spatula

This is cake designer’s best friend. Through the help of offset spatula, one can create a beautiful cake master piece. It helps you in spreading the batter equally giving it a smooth finish and decoration ready.

Where to get them

If you don’t have time to visit a store for these items, you can shop online. Let us provide you with reputable shops that offer quality tools yet with affordable prices.