Where did the name come from?

Little Debbie was named after O.D and Ruth first grandaugther “Debbie”. They were so fond of her because they didn’t have a little baby to take care of for a long time when Debbie came, they were so excited to have a grand daughter. The timing was perfect because Debbie was a child with a personality and during that time O.D Mckee was thinking of a new name for their packaging. He saw little Debbie and it him. He named his business little Debbie because she brought a lot joy and happiness to the family. Their logo is the picture of Debbie wearing her favorite play dress and straw hat. Her parents Ellsworth and Sharon McKee never knew that Little Debbie was the new name until they saw the cartons with a drawing of their daughter on it.

Humble Beginnings

It was during depression when O.D McKee is trying to make a living for his family. He started selling his baked goods at the back of his car. And used the same car as a collateral so they can buy a failing bakery, and start their own bake shop. O.D and Ruth didn’t give up their dreams that one day their brand will be known. And in 1960 the brand was generating good sales at continued to remain strong in generating cash flow.

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