“To share the goodness of our snacks to everyone”

We want to bring smile to your face as you taste our delicious treats, that’s our mission. We want all people in America experience little debbie’s wonderful snacks. So come and get some!


Help us build our photo mosaic portrait

Yes, we want you to be part of our mosaic portrait. You can simply take a picture of yourself and share your smile to the world. What’s in it for you? We will be giving away treats, digital cameras, and other exciting prizes to those who will join. How to win? Simply draft your entry to our website and will have a raffle and announce the winners online. In 1960 we set the records when we held our mission in Collegedale, TN. We sold 157 billion snacks! People lined up and that was the longest line we ever saw. Now, we are doing it in a different approach, create mosaic by collecting pictures from millions of our customers.

Watch out for the Airstream Sport travel trailer

Make sure that you stay connected because we will be traveling to different states and cities with our Airstream Sport travel trailer to give out some treats for free. We will also be taking pictures of happy people while munching our favorite snacks.

To get more information, visit our official website: https://www.littledebbie.com