Seasonal Products

Seasonal Products

Little Debbie creates treats that are very timely. They produce sweet designs depending on the season’s celebrations for perfect theming. Their seasonal products are always block buster hit so make sure to visit their distribution channels early to get your limited edition sweets.

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Creme Rolls

St. Patrick’s day is all about wearing green. Little Debbie releases their Mint Creme Rolls to help you celebrate. It is covered with delicious white icing and topped it with green mint filling to create that St. Patrick theme. Our group loves the outcome of this cake. Little Debbie surely knows how to make moist cake with a center surprise. You’ll get different sweet flavors in every bite. The thought of this cake is making us hungry already. To check reviews about this seasonal product go to

If it becomes out stock, you may try to bake it yourself. Visit for recipes and the step-by-step procedure in making your own version.

Easter Basket Cakes

Like their mint creme rolls, the easter basket cakes come with a surprise center. It has creamy filling that oozes on every bite. You’ll get total ten cakes in every carton. The cakes are twin-wrapped in their special wrapper to preserve freshness. We wondered why it was twin-wrapped instead of single wrapped, then we figured out the answer. The cakes are twin-wrapped because one cake would not be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. For nutrition facts and calories information go to To see reviews about easter basket cakes, you can check

Marshmallow Puffs

This delicious treat brings out the kid in us. Little Debbie should remove this from seasonal products and move it to regular product section, so we don’t have to wait anymore. There are different textures here. There is softness of the marshmallow, chewiness of the cookie, creaminess of the icing, and flavors of the sprinkles. These puffs are packed individually in the quantity of eight in every carton. To view more reviews about their Marshmallow Puffs, visit: